3D Artwork

A Japanese-style house and zen garden with futuristic floating crystals. Created and rendered in Maya.

HTC Sensation Cell Phone.  Modeled in Maya.  Rendered in Octane Render.

Gilmi's Axe from Lord of the Rings.  Modeled in Maya.  Rendered in Octane Render.

Mission Concepcion model I made in Maya. Rendered in Unity.

Mission Concepcion rendered in Octane Render.

A self-protrait I made in ZBrush

This is my first speed sculpt in ZBrush. Made it in about an hour.

This is a wolf I made in ZBrush.

The basic model of the female commando for the XBOX indiecade game, 'Minions!'.

This was for my Animation I class. We modeled a still life painting and made a short video out of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knwTxIrCV8A

Speed modeling for my Art II class in my masters program.

This here is a staff. Modeled in Maya and rendered with mental ray.

Made this for my character modeling class. It's Apachai Hopachai from the anime "HSD: Kenichi".

Pengu the Penguin. Made him for my Animation II class. Here's the animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yymtpWZDdHI